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Walk & Talk Gift Vouchers Are BACK! 
There’s 5 for $100 or 2 for $50!

HISTORY IS THE PRESENT!! 🎁🎄 💝 Thanks to those that have reached out about getting Walk & Talk Vouchers to give as Holiday gifts!  They’re available now and I can deliver them to you if you’re in Indianapolis or close enough! I'll start making the first round of deliveries at the start of December.

Please email and I can send you information about payment! 

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First of all, your voucher will NEVER expire, so feel free to wait until the Spring, Summer, or even Fall of 2024 if you'd like. However, we do Walk & Talk in the Winter! The sole purpose of this landing page is to walk (and talk) you through the redemption process! Can't wait to see you! - Sampson.

what you need to know

All of our Public Walk & Talks are listed through Eventbrite. When you click on one of the neighborhood tours, you will be taken to Eventbrite-- this is where your 6 or 7 character code will be entered. This video below shows where to enter your code as you're going through the checkout process. 

How does the schedule work?

Typically a week before a new month begins, we'll post the schedule/calendar for the upcoming month. During the winter months, there aren't as many public tours offered as there are during Indiana's warmer months. With that being said, there's still a few public Walk & Talk along Indiana Avenue in January! We hope to get started in the other neighborhoods in March, but just let us know if you'd be interested ahead of time.

Which walk & Talk do you recommend?

Indiana Avenue, for sure. I love all my tours, but my answer without hesitation is always the Avenue.
- Sampson


Feel FREEEEE (no pun) to bring your kids on the Avenue! Kids are always free when they come Walking & Talking with us! Earlier in 2021, listed our Indiana Avenue tours as one of the TOP 2 TOURS FOR FAMILIES IN THE USA!

let us know if you have any questions

If you're having trouble redeeming your voucher or have any other questions, problems or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out and send an email to

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There have been over 650 Walk & Talks in Indianapolis since they began on June 13, 2020. Share Your Experience #WalkAndTalkIndy

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