The Polk Series

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A Special 10-Part Series uncovering Indiana's hidden history, each video in the 'Polk Series' will reference the Polk Sanitary Milk Company in one way or another, enjoy! Thank you again to the Harrison Center and the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority and to the Polk Group for giving me the opportunity to tell these stories! All of these videos are available here on this page, Youtube, and Facebook. 


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PART 1 - Sunlight Baby

What was a sunlight baby? Part 1 of a Special 10-Part Series uncovering Indiana's hidden history gives you that answer! Welcome to the Polk Sanitary Milk Stables!

PART 3 - Milk Cap Day

The city of Indianapolis used to have 3 large amusement parks! However, they weren't for everyone! Find out why having a Polk's Milk Cap (and 3 cents) could have gotten someone that looks like me into the Park.

PART 5 - Milk Gone Mad

Did you know formaldehyde was once used to preserve meat and milk? Dr. John Hurty’s review and of the milk industry in Indianapolis, followed by numerous articles in the Indianapolis News, led to an overwhelming amount of changes for the industry. Few responded to the challenge like Polk’s, inspiring the addition of the word “Sanitary” to the company name.

PART 7 - Always Ahead

Since the very beginning, Polk's innovative practices put them ahead of many of the businesses in the region. From architecture to art, the Polk logo, building, and service, it's easy to see the Polk's had nationwide influence!

PART 9 - Playing With Polk

Polk's played sports too! Did you know that the Polk Sanitary Milk Company had both a basketball... and a baseball team! Watch and interact with part 9 of The Polk Series to learn more about these teams, who they played, and where they played!

PART 2 - We Can Connect

The Polk Series Part 2 of 10! From Greenwood to Martindale-Brightwood, we’re all connected through our history here in Indiana. Follow me along the old interurban railway and see what major company (Polk, of course) linked these communities together.

PART 4 - Martindale's Milk

Martindale’s Milk! Part 4 of 'The Polk Series'. A quick bike trip around old Martindale Avenue gives insight to where Polk’s was, and what the neighborhood looked like. Polk’s employed more African-American’s than any other dairy company in Indianapolis. By the end of the video you’ll understand why most of those bottle caps turned in on ‘Milk Cap Day’ came from Polk’s!

PART 6 - Polk's Products

We know that Polk’s sold milk, of course! But what else was available to be delivered!? I’m curious as to what were people’s favorite Polk Products during the milk company’s time here in Indianapolis.

PART 8 - The ABC's of Polk's

Part 8 of the The Polk Series takes a quick break to sneak in some educational programming for families at home! Compiled from old milk industry videos and past parts of the Polk Series, Part 8 tries to recreate what a little Polk's Paid Programming might have looked like! Here's the ABC's of Polk's Milk!

PART 10 - Breaking The Bottles

The final video of ‘The Polk Series’! Who took ownership of the Polk Sanitary Milk Company facilities after the company was sold in 1963? What’s it look like on the inside right now and what are the future plans for the Polk Stables?