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The Senate Series

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The Senate Series or Senate Avenue Series highlights the impact and legacy of the Senate Avenue YMCA here in Indianapolis. The Senate Avenue YMCA grew to become the largest Black YMCA in the country. This Y was known for their "Monster Meetings", which called on our nation's most iconic figures to address to the Indianapolis community. 

The Senate Series is available on Facebook!

PART 1 - Making a Monster

Some quick history behind the MONSTER MEETINGS hosted by Indianapolis’ Senate Avenue YMCA, once the largest Black YMCA in the country. I mention a lot of people throughout this video, so I’ve included a little index in the comments that gives viewers a rundown of some of the people that contributed to the Senate Avenue YMCA’s iconic legacy.

PART 2 - The Flying Tiger

Part 2 of the Senate Series!  We're talking about Charles Debow Jr., , The Tuskegee Airmen and the Double V.. and what they have to do with the Sentate Avenue YMCA In Indianapolis! For this story, I had to go down Tuskegee, Alabama... THE DEBOW WAY! The Monster Meetings RELAUNCH on October 3rd at The OrthoIndy Foundation YMCA on Lafayette road. More info will follow.

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