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Rushville Remembers

RUSHVILLE, INDIANA - People often ask how I remember all these facts about our history. Well I'll tell you how, it's a secret.... and it's simple.

scroll down and I'll tell you my secret


The things that are important to me, that tell me most about who I am, are what I choose to remember. For me, that's Indiana history. You can't tell the story of Indiana without incorporating history from EVERY group of people that put their feet here. From our original indigenous peoples to the rise of the Klan, I want to tell that story, so I remember it.

You can't tell the story of Sampson Levingston without incorporating Indiana'a history, so that's what I choose to remember.

It's interesting, the things we remember vs. the things we forget. We get to choose what we remember. Here's what Rushville has chosen to Remember.

I want to give another special thanks to Joseph Rathz for taking the Through2Eyes crew around Rushville.

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