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Call Me Crazy: Fishing For Life

Updated: May 20, 2021

GREENSBURG, INDIANA - I love this stuff, I love the road, I love the race, I love the journey. I am an entrepreneur, full time, I wake up and do what I love! I love Indiana history, and it's clear now, more than ever, that this history loves me back.

Carl Fisher moves forward, and he moves fast, that's what I like. Fisher was the driving force behind the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Speedway was created as an automobile testing facility, a facility to monitor and track performance.

Lost Indiana - "Fisher was born on January 12, 1874 in Greensburg, Indiana. It was difficult for Carl to pay attention in school because of a severe astigmatism, and he dropped out in 1886."

Fisher's vision happened to be a little different than the rest of his classmates, believe me, that's okay.

Fisher dropped out of 6th grade, I assume he realized that no one could teach him the things he wanted to know, but himself. I realized that too, but not until I had finished college. The Indy Star describes Fisher as a "hard-drinking, profane, cigar-smoking, risk-taking businessman and the 'P. T. Barnum of the Automobile Age.' It was either his way or the highway."

Yeah, I like that.

Now, I didn't drop out of 6th grade, but I drink, I swear, I smoke (recreationally) and take risks, so I'm sure I can learn a little from the man they called 'Crazy' Carl Fisher.

CBS News - "Crazy" Carl G. Fisher -- an Elon Musk-level innovator of his era, mostly forgotten by history -- wouldn't have been satisfied. He was always searching for the next big thing.

I'm searching for the next big thing as well, which ironically, seems to be myself. I might be the next big thing! However, I can't even find myself, I've been searching for years, looking for Indiana's history to provide me with the answers.

I have a few friends that assist me in my search, Marcus, Kelvin, Drake, my sister (Ashley) and Hanna, all don't mind taking time out of their day to help me in my search. Drake went to Greensburg with me, I talked about the Underground Railroad, here's the article: Tracks To Freedom: Indiana's Underground Railroad. Before we left, I said, "hold on, lemme get a picture of the Fisher marker, I might want to do a story on him."

Drake and I were best friends in college, and we're still best friends now. He came on Walk & Talk V, in a thunder storm, that's what I like. Here's some photos of Drake and I exploring the bridges over the Wabash River in Terre Haute, Indiana (we both graduated from ISU). I've always taken my friends with me on my history adventures.

Carl Fisher had big plans at a young age, "Fisher was 17 when he opened his first business, a bike shop in Indianapolis, at a time when bicycles had a reputation as a risky toy rather than reliable transportation" (CBS NEWS). Fisher knew he needed to create something that was his own, Drake and I realized this as well.

Fisher graduated from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and then took his talents to South Beach. Right before Drake and I graduated from ISU, we did the same, took our talents to South Beach.

Fisher is actually responsible for the development of Miami Beach and the road used to get there.

Indy Star - "Fisher literally "invented" Miami Beach, Fla., out of swampland and then the Dixie Highway, so Midwesterners could reach his new playground and the $760 waterfront lots he wanted to sell."

Fisher just went around the country creating places to play, and years later, Drake and I appear. Here's us in Miami Beach, this is Spring Break 2017.

Wait a second, before we experienced life in Fisher's Florida Playground, we went and experienced Fisher's first place to play, IMS. Here's Drake and I in the snake pit!

If you're interested in creating a GREAT time, don't worry, Drake and I will test it out... at full speed. You see, as I've stayed glued to Indiana, Drake has lived in Minnesota and California, taking risks that I'm honestly too scared to take.

With every risk, comes the possibility of loss, something I'll let our friend Carl Fisher remind you of, "a 1926 hurricane and the 1929 stock market crash collapsed Miami Beach's real estate market and Fisher's $50 million fortune. He was bankrupt. (Indy Star)"

Drake and I know the value of money, but we're crazy enough not to care. Like 'Crazy' Carl Fisher, we just need new places to play, and right now we're back home in Indianapolis. Look at the photo, we're in the midst of a thunderstorm, but that's what we asked for and that's what I like.

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