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Walk & Talk NYC - July 5th

Harlem. Central Park. Empire State Building.


Harlem - 10 AM

Indiana Avenue, where Walk & Talks began, is often referred to as "Indy's Harlem". Well let's go to Harlem! Embark on a journey through Harlem and discover the roots of its vibrant culture. Sampson will take you through the streets that nurtured the birth of jazz, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Civil Rights Movement. We'll start at the Apollo Theater. MORE 


Central Park - 2 PM

Before it was Central Park, Seneca Village was a predominantly Black neighborhood.... Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and fascinating history of Central Park. From its creation during the Gilded Age to its role as a refuge during times of crisis, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for this iconic urban oasis, and start to see similar patterns across the United States. MORE


Empire State Building - 6 PM

What can you build without INDIANA!? Nothing!! Indiana Limestone is iconic beyond measure, especially as it climbs to the top of the world on the Empire State Building. Let's delve into the construction, architectural significance, and historical moments that have shaped this world-famous landmark. MORE

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