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Walk and Talk: An Earned Saturday

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - Saturday's have been my favorite days for a long time, we save the weekends for what we enjoy to do the most. Weekends, especially Saturdays, feel best when you earn them.

Saturday, May 30th - I went up to Carmel to hang out with some friends from high school, it was nice to see people. I could not get my mind off the death of George Floyd. As much as I wanted to have a good time, I just couldn't. I'll leave it at that.

Saturday, June 6th - I went down to the Capitol Building. My friend asked what I wanted my sign to say, my answer is in the picture below. I had been upset over the history of injustice and racism in this country, I know our history so well, it's actually my favorite thing to talk about. That's what this entire website is about.

Saturday, June 13th - I hosted my first "official" Walk & Talk here in Indianapolis. I can't even put into words how amazing the day went. I got to share Indiana's history the way I see it, through 2 eyes, I had everyone's attention and they had mine. I spent all week preparing, it was an earned Saturday.

I've spent my Saturday's all over Indiana, it's what I like to do, learn about this state, from the top of the map to the bottom. When I go to Mt. Vernon, Indiana, I put my feet in the Ohio, when I'm in Terre Haute, I put my feet in the Wabash and when I'm home, which is indeed HOME, I put my feet in Fall Creek.

On Sunday, June 7th, Bruce Lee's ESPN documentary aired, it's called, "Be Water". During the film I hear Lee say, "all knowledge is self-knowledge." I find so much joy in discovering Indiana, because it's how I discover myself. I hope you have a passion that allows you to do the same, because none of what you just read is about me, it's about you.

The photos above were taken by my good friend, Greg Wagoner.


If you go to Facebook and check out the @Through2Eyes Videos, you can see all of the places I've traveled to tell stories in Indiana. I also have all of my Indiana articles available on this site as well. I've scheduled 2 more Walk & Talk's, one at the request of a local TV station, which makes me every excited.

Here's the link to those: Through2Eyes Walk & Talk.

Where should we walk next?

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1 Comment

Thank you Sampson for teaching history with passion, purpose and action. The Walk and Talk on Indiana Avenue was transformational. It made me feel proud of the human spirit of exceptional people. By learning about their history, it makes me want to honor the history by being better. The tour makes me feel hopeful about the future of humanity. I also enjoyed talking to other people on the tour and learning about their experience. Awestruck!

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