Time Don't Stop

A year is a long time. I guess it's a short time too, time is measurable, but it's relative. Over the past year, I've been creating and reimagining my own world, a world that I like to share. I like how I fit into this world that I'm creating, I enjoy feeling like I'm the one that's in control. The clock still ticks in this new world that I choose to live my life in, and that's what has always fascinated me about time.

Time doesn't stop, never has, never will. It's a constant that I've grown to appreciate in a life that's filled with variables.

I've been writing and running Through2Eyes for a little over a year now. With the help of a lot of people reading, writing, and sharing content, the platform has officially celebrated her first birthday. Below are some of the numbers that can help depict just how much has happened over the past 365 days.

Back in April, I gave a speech to the kids at Howe High School, I told them about the importance of investing time into the things that we are most passionate about. As I was writing and preparing for the speech it made me think about what I would have needed to hear when I was in high school. I started thinking.. where was my time invested in high school and how did that turn out?

I invested time into academics, not a lot of time, but I earned good grades so that wasn't an issue. I invested time into athletics (great investment), and I received BIG returns. I invested time into people, and I built relationships with friends that I hope will last a lifetime.

Well where didn't I invest my time? I don't think I cared too much about life after college or even life after high school, I'm a big 'live in the moment' guy. I didn't necessarily invest my time into figuring out what my passions are, what drives me, what motivates me to be who I am, what inspires me to act the way that I do.

2017 was my first year in over a decade without sports and without school. I realized that I had more time... and what did I fill that time with... more sports and more school.

I use sports to compete, I 'school' myself on the things that I don't know enough about. That time is investment back into myself, an incredible investment that will sure pay off sooner than later.

Then again it's hard to say what's "soon" and what's "late", because time is relative, but it's constant. Time don't stop.

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