The Eye In The Sky

With the Kareem Hunt video being released over the weekend, it's clear that the NFL (and society as a whole) is fed up with men putting their hands on women. Well at least that appears to be the case, but I'm not so sure.

While I was playing football, a common phrase that would be heard on the sidelines is "the eye in the sky don't lie". Essentially saying that everything that happens on the field is being recorded, and when you look at the film, you can see everything that ACTUALLY happened. There's no he said, she said, there's just what happened... and what didn't.

Athletes are now being held to higher standards than almost every other profession that exists. There's no problem with this, it's just something that every athlete, at every level needs to understand. Kareem Hunt, starting running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, was questioned by his team about an altercation at a Cleveland hotel that happened in February.

Hunt apparently told the team that he didn't touch or hit anybody, the team believed him and everybody began moving forward. Speed up to the first weekend in December and we now know that was a lie.

Kansas City Star - "Chiefs had initially pursued the video until they were told not to by the NFL, according to a source close to the team. That’s the standard operating procedure of NFL investigations. Once a team reports an incident to the league, the league takes over the investigation process including gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.

But the NFL never spoke to Hunt or approached him after the February incident, Hunt told ESPN in a Sunday morning interview. A source close to the team was surprised to learn the NFL didn’t attempt to talk with Hunt."

Regardless of what you think of the video, Hunt lied, and that's why I believe the Chiefs cut him so quickly.The Chiefs were going to pursue an investigation, and then NFL told them to stop. The eye in the sky don't lie, and when you're in a public place, there's a 95% chance that you're on camera.

The NFL needs to completely investigate every instance because VIDEO MATTERS. The NFL damn near needs to hire TMZ to do all of their investigations. This is twice now that the NFL looked foolish for not thoroughly investigating a claim and simply taking their players' word for it.

With the standard that the NFL (and society) has set, you can't leave certain stones unturned when conducting an investigation. I just feel as if the NFL is more concerned with the video, and not the action.

The eye in the sky don't lie.


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