The (Dis)United States of America

Steele touches on numerous polarizing topics such as Faith, President Trump, the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, police brutality, and disunity within our country from a conservative perspective. 


As I was sitting in church one Sunday, the sermon was about community. Not just community as a church, but a community with the nation. The pastor made a note that com=with and unity=unity (obviously). His point was that community is all about having unity or being united!

During this time, I got lost in my own thought and referenced to the nation as we know it today. I concluded that we as a nation were in fact, not united. There is unity within parties, but there is no unity within the nation. We are The (Dis)United States of America. 

When I say that there is disunity within our nation, it does not fall on just one party. It does not fall on the outcome of certain elections, but this is when it became more noticeable. I am a conservative and if you know me or even follow me on social media, it is obvious.Since before I was even born my dad was into politics and at a young age he even ran for State Representative. As a conservative, there are certain policies I support and others I disagree with.


I talk to God, but that does not mean there is something wrong with me mentally. Just as there is nothing wrong with Mike Pence when he is very open with his Faith, but when Joy Behar from The View attacked Vice President by saying his “faith is a mental illness” that was wrong. This creates disunity.

Chicago Tribune - 'The View's' Joy Behar calls Mike Pence to apologize for calling his Christian faith a 'mental illness'.


What seems as one of the bigger issues is President Trump. Mainstream media is ran by the left, which gives them some power to manipulate how people think on certain people and certain topics. Did I vote for Trump? Yes. Do I believe that he has done a great job as President? Yes, because the facts speak for themselves.

Unemployment is at 3.7% by creating more than 1.7 million jobs. The GDP increased above 3%, along with the Dow Jones being at record highs. He is bringing back jobs to the U.S. and companies like Toyota and Mazda announced plans to open U.S. plants!

He boosted the arrest of ILLEGAL immigrants inside the U.S.!!! So many people struggle with this one because they begin to think that he is after ALL immigrants, but it is just the one's that have entered this country illegally. I support Trump because he is a great policy President and has gotten so much done for the nation in just TWO YEARS!

I do not agree with the way that President Trump talks though. He does not talk as a President, but he does get things done. In correlation, Obama was a great speaking president. He talked and interacted as a president, but he could not get things done that were great for the nation’s economy or the nation as a whole.

The left wants to hate Trump as a President and has been after the impeachment of him since he has won the election in 2016. You do not see the reports of all the accomplishments because it does not fit their agenda. This creates disunity.


If you have Twitter, it is easy to follow along with what is going on in this world. I am sure that most of you have seen the videos of people banging on the doors during the vote of Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. If you haven’t seen that, then maybe you have seen the video of the old man silently standing holding signs in support of Kavanaugh and Trump, with the liberal teens yelling and dancing around him then attempt to smack his signs down.

There is not a single right-wing individual that will support sexual assault, I will promise you that. We believe in rule of law and due process along with facts. When a claim of sexual assault is made, it does not get pushed under the rug. Investigation was granted to the FBI.

I am not trying to take away from Dr. Ford’ statement, I believe she had been sexually assaulted before, but not by Justice Kavanaugh. SHOW ME THE PROOF!!  I tweeted a simple tweet saying, “I’d love to drink beer with Kavanaugh” and I got hate in return from my left-wing followers. I had some replies saying, “what is wrong with you?”,  and “white male privilege”, but I could not disagree more.

Just because you disagree with me, does not mean that you automatically assume something is wrong with me or that I advance with privilege. There is so much hate between the left-wing and the right-wing that is has created disunity. It happens on BOTH sides of politics, I am not ignorant to that fact. You mainly see it from the left through attacks. This creates disunity.


One last piece that I think is so very important to our nation is the respect of ones in uniform and our military. I am not talking about Kap either. You have groups for Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter, but I am with All Lives Matter.

I for one do not discriminate, nor will I ever. As I have stated, I believe in due process. Unfortunately, due process isn’t fully completed when we have police shootings that are unlawful. The officer that shot and killed her neighbor because she thought it was her apartment was unlawful. When there are shootings of black people that are in the back, that is clearly unlawful.

There is a circumstance that I agree with, such as when individuals of any race fire first and shots are exchanged, then that is that individuals choice. The police sometimes take the law into their own hands and I do not always agree with that.

People need to remember, that not all officers of law are the same and seeing videos of ignorance against officers while recording is wrong, especially when that officer has done no wrong. This creates disunity.


To put it simply, hate creates disunity. However cheesy it sounds, love one another as brother and sister. I have some great friends that are on both left and right, but that fact alone does not create disunity. I love debate with these friends and we still remain friends after it is all over.

One of my great friends from the left tweeted this, “Political parties are blinding, doesn’t matter the side”, and I complete agree! This creates disunity. Welcome to the (Dis)United States of America.


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