If The Shoe Fits

It's hardly news now, but Nike, who had remained silent in their support of Colin Kaepernick has now decided speak up in a big way. This is what Nike does, they make bold statements; their marketing department knows who they are trying to reach and they do a TREMENDOUS job of reaching them.

At it's core, I believe that Nike is for ATHLETES, not for fashion models, sneaker heads, politicians or whoever you want it to be for, Nike is for ATHLETES. Although the brand may appeal to a very broad market, the strength of Nike's brand is the athlete.

With that being said, any athlete knows that in order to get better, in order to grow, in order to improve, you have to have a different mindset. You have to look at things in a way that the common man doesn't look at them, and that's what separates you from the rest of the field.

What separates Nike from the rest of the field when it comes to shoes and apparel? They've always had a progressive, forward thinking mindset, especially when it comes to marketing their brand.

Yes, this was somewhat of a political decision, one that Nike really had almost no choice but to make. Could you imagine if the company would have decided to DROP Kaepernick from the brand?? Imagine all of the right-wing, anti-kneel support the company would have received...

That's a terrible look for a company that needs to constantly be moving forward. Regardless of where you stand on Kaepernick's protest, you have to acknowledge that this move by Nike was inevitable. What's most appealing about it all is that Nike is the supplier for the NFL's uniforms and they just signed a deal that will extend that relationship until 2028.

CNN Money - The two brands (NFL/Nike) announced on Tuesday that they would be extending their partnership for another eight years. The new deal will take place when the current one expires in 2020 and will run through 2028.


I think it's awesome that Nike, a very large and influential company supports Kaepernick and everything that he has done and will continue to do. However, when it comes to shoes... buy whatever you want. I like Nike shoes, and I like Kap, but I'm not going to start buying more Nike's than I normally do.

If you don't like Nike.... don't buy Nike. If you used to like Nike until the moment that the company announced their support for Kaepernick, then I think you should really take some time to think about WHY this had made you turn your back on the brand.

I just personally don't know what in the world could cause me to burn my own clothes/shoes. I wouldn't go as far to say that EVERYONE who has came out against Nike is a racist, bigot, or just a person filled with hate, but.... if the shoes fits, wear it.

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