Stay Special

We're all special in our own ways, that's what makes us all so similar. Throughout my 23 years of life I've learned that the ones who embrace what makes them special, are the ones that live the most fulfilling lives.

During my first summer at Indiana State University, Special Olympics Indiana held their summer games in Terre Haute, and my teammates and I volunteered. I didn't know the type of impact that the games would have on me. Athletes from all over Indiana had embraced what made them special and they were ready to compete. 

Everyday when we wake up we have to be willing to compete, regardless of the cards life has dealt us, no one wants to hear our excuses. In a world where people seem to blame everyone but themselves for their shortcomings, it's refreshing to be around those that are constantly working to achieve their goals despite their unique circumstances. 

When I couldn't figure out what I wanted to write about next, it was my friend that I met through Special Olympics, Matt "Banshee" Kuhn, that reached out with a suggestion. Matt has actually been one of my sources of inspiration since the moment I saw this guy deadlift over 400 pounds (he can now lift over 500 by the way). 

It's awesome to see that my energy and enthusiasm inspires some of the athletes in the same way that their determination and spirit inspires me. I'm beyond excited to get back next month and continue to volunteer with such a wonderful organization. 

A couple of months ago, I reconnected with Matt Kuhn and filmed one of his Special Olympics basketball games. We put together a little 30 second video highlighting Matt's effort, resilience and mindset throughout life and competition. 

As we continue to live and discover who we are supposed to be, never give up, never allow someone or something to put a limitation on what you can accomplish. Stay Special. 

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