Reflections: Life With No Prompt

Today I turn 23 years old, and as I start to write this I have no idea what I want to say. It's cool to reflect on ALL of the people that been a part of my first 23 years of life. I'm thankful for everyone that I've crossed paths with, they, in one way or another, have helped shape the man that I am today.

Writing was something I enjoyed doing while in college, but only for assignments. I was excited to turn in papers and see what my professors would have to say about them. I would even assist in writing papers for some of my peers and I would be just as eager to see what grades they received on them. These papers were easy to write because they all had prompts and guidelines. I had never really just sat down and written something without being told to.

Life has no prompt. Life has no guidelines. And back in November when I decided that I would launch this platform, that's exactly how I wanted it to be. No prompt, no guidelines, let's just showcase the things that are on our mind, and let's do it in a way where people can feel the passion behind them.

I've grown more over past year than I ever could have imagined. I've tried to live my life with no prompt, doing things my way, how I want to do them and it continues to give me so much peace.

23 Years. No Prompt. No Guideline.

Stay Young.

"Young" 2

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