Lance Stephenson's Wild Ball

Have y'all noticed how Lance Stephenson looks at LeBron James when he's guarding him? Lance stares at LeBron with such focus, such anger, and the absolute highest level of unpredictability. Seriously, LeBron has NO CLUE what Lance is going to do at any given moment, and that's because Stephenson is playing a game I like to call, WILD BALL. 

Lebron plays the game with so much poise, so much control, Lance is the exact opposite. Lance plays WILD BALL...and if it's working, it's actually impossible to stop. During Game 1, 'Wild Ball' was in full effect, and Lance was able to incorporate one of his signature moves, 'The Wild Slap'. 

1.) WILD SLAP (Part 1)

The wild slap has been a tactic that Lance has been using on LeBron for years, and all you do is simply slap recklessly at the ball. If you happen to hit the ball... GREAT! If you happen to smack the hell out of LeBron.. EVEN BETTER! 

Here's a frame by frame of 'The Wild Slap' executed to perfection in the first quarter:

2.) WILD SLAP (Part 2)

Lance came back in 3rd quarter with another PERFECTLY executed 'Wild Slap'. Just look at Lance's face as he swings at Bron's head, my man couldn't care less about hitting the basketball. 

 Here's a video breaking down that play:

Like I said earlier, it's working, and if it continues to.... WATCH YA HEAD!! 

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