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Dear Indiana CD-7th Voters,

“My name is Sue Spicer and I’m running for Congress” were words I never dreamt I would be saying, let alone repeat perhaps a hundred thousand times over the last 13 months. Yet, here I am, a 54-year old fresh face on the political scene. What on earth could drag me off my soapbox and into a race for the IN CD-7? Allow me to share snippets of my past to frame how I look at our nation’s future.

I’m the youngest of six children. My Dad was a truck driving Teamster Steward (Local #135). I witnessed Mom’s job move out-of-state and she began a new elder-care career. I grew up watching the news, weather, and Charlie’s Angels.

In 1982, I came out as a lesbian and lived openly with my girlfriend in Greencastle, Indiana. Nothing teaches you about your privilege like having it revoked. I accepted no shame and defended my place in creation (Matthew 25:31-46) with the book they were hitting me over the head with. Pierced only my right ear in solidarity with folks of color (back then that was a visual “tell” of homosexuality).

I spent most of my life shifting from industry to industry, city to city, learning how things get done and how people tick. My plan was to write books in retirement. I rose to management positions at nearly every opportunity. Outing myself in interviews let potential employers discriminate up front, so they didn’t waste my time.

Along the way, I learned we were poisoning our environment for profit. Saw good jobs leave and wages stagnate, while CEO compensation skyrocketed. Witnessed the media transform from community-based journalism to partisan propaganda machines owned by six corporations. Beheld the Stock Market being portrayed as a safe investment place, then the banking industry folks gamble away many Baby Boomers’ retirements. Observed health care becoming a profit center. Became an onlooker as Social Security was pillaged twice to pay for the machines of war.

Hypocrisy after hypocrisy, I added my own soapbox issues. I leveraged my ability to bridge divides at every opportunity to educate folks if I felt they could hear a divergent perspective and discover their own side in a fight.

My life was set on a politically-specific path when Kay Grimm (MST PTSD Air Force Vet) and I became a team 15 years ago. She “made” me be neighborhood President, as well as “spokesmodel” for our foods business. Kay taught me how unsustainable our current systems have become. I learned about food security and purity from her. Gentrification. Societal challenges. Then, she showed me ways to change things and what others were doing. When Bernie Sanders announced his Presidential run, we started saving and planning for me to go to Iowa to campaign. That journey ended with me as a state and national delegate for Bernie.

I have spoken with people across America, our State, and in our 7th District. We are tired of being handed sh*t and being told it’s pudding. I found my party to be full of hubris at best and corruption at its worst. Someone had to stand up to give our district a choice based on the issues, not familiarity. The establishment incumbents of both parties are tokens of a broken, corrupt system beholden to the richest among us. They use our differences to distract and divide us.

Corporate media picks the information they parcel out, aimed at ratings, not informing the public. Getting the money out of politics will certainly be bad for their bottom line. Local TV stations have no mandate to report on candidates or proactively remind viewers of registration deadlines or elections.

The media keeps us mad at each other instead of alerting us to the record and ever-growing wealth gap. Mad at each other instead of at our oversized and growing military budget. Scaring us out of our freedom. Empowering Homeland Security and the surveillance state with their massive secret budgets. Whistleblowers are vilified and prosecuted instead of these practices and the irresponsible parties they unearth. To remain silent to the devastation and suffering caused by these endless wars we wage around the globe (and here at home) is to be complicit in a historic moral collapse.

We have no money for education, health care, social programs, infrastructure, or modernization (unless it can kill). No safety net is sacred in the face of legislators whose lifestyles depend on pleasing their wealthy donors. Our needs are not being met while corporate welfare goes untouched or expanded. The time to be patient has past. Revolution is coming. I prefer to have it at the ballot box, not in the streets.

In your role as voters in the Indiana 7th District, you have an opportunity to send a clear message to Washington, DC. You can send a “People for Sue” grassroots budget, sustainability-focused, food sovereignty, fair wage, no “fossil” fuels, Medicare-for-all, MLK, and veteran-loving lesbian to the United States House of Representatives.


My name is Sue Spicer, and I am running for Congress. I ask for your consideration and your vote on May 8, 2018.

"Argue for any limitation and it's yours." - Richard Bach

Sue Spicer

Democratic Primary Indiana 7th District

House of Representatives Candidate


For more information about Sue, her campaign, and ways to get involved, please visit www.sueforyou2018.com


if you're interested in being a guest writer please email contact@through2eyes.com

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