Today is the day of the nationwide protests known as The March For Our Lives. The demonstration has been organized by the survivors from the Parkland Shooting that happened last month. I’ll be down at the statehouse today to participate in and observe the movement.

I’m a big anti-gun guy and there’s currently two articles on this platform that deal with gun control:

1.) Why Does The 2nd Come 1st? by myself

2.) Logic Based Thinking by guest writer, Charles Dillahunt

However, there’s also a short video I’ve recorded showing my support for the NRA..

Once I saw the weather forecast for March 24th (today, the day of the day March) I was ECSTATIC! Man what a way to make a statement, everyone, myself included, is going to be marching during a damn blizzard!!

Do y’all remember this tweet from Donny boy on the day of the National Women’s March?

It was an uncharacteristically warm January day when that March occurred and the participation numbers were amazing! Trump seemed to think that the beautiful weather played a large role in the turnout. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't, but it'd be nice to think that the energy would have remained the same regardless of the weather.

Today in Indianapolis... the weather is AWFUL!! I was prepared to be out in the snow all day, I was excited to see what the energy would be like during this snow storm, but.. I'll guess we'll never know!!

There are a lot of conservatives that label liberals as 'snowflakes', well today it's snowing, and the protest is moving indoors. SAD!

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