Why Are YOU Here?

Why are you here? What keeps you going?

These two questions are two things that fly through my mind constantly throughout the day.

If you wake up and cannot find any motivation to get your day going, I urge you to really take a step back and think about your purpose. Think about something that gives you a reason to wake up and compete with yourself every day. Everybody has a purpose. Sometimes the hardest thing is just finding out what that purpose is.

I think the first time an individual starts thinking about their purpose is when they are a young kid. Every kid grows up with a dream. Whether this dream is becoming a professional athlete, becoming a doctor, or just having a lot of money one day, these kids stash this idea in their heads and it is something they constantly think about, and they couldn’t care less about what others think about it. It’s not until these kids grow up where they begin to lose sight of what was so important to them at such a young age.

The main factor in pulling kids away from their dream/purpose is society. There are so many people out there in the world who shoot negative things at individuals just because its not something they like to do. The scariest part of this is that most of these people being told their actions aren’t “cool” often tend to stop partaking in the stuff they love to do, just because someone else doesn’t like it.

Growing up playing hockey, football, and baseball I quickly learned how important it is to find something you love to do, and to continue doing it FOR YOU! So many people told me that I didn’t have enough skill to play my sports but I stuck with them and I consider myself being successful in all three of them. The main thing I want you guys to understand is that I didn’t stick with my sports because of other people, I did it for me.

Patton was a member of Carmel's 2016 State Championship football team

Sports were one of the things that kept me going. They gave me a reason to wake up every morning excited to compete and get better every day. To this day, playing hockey in college at Indiana University is one of the few things that helps me keep going, and it gives me something to look forward to.

Your purpose can literally be anything that makes you happy, and anything that you enjoy. You just need to stick with it and remember that nobody is YOU. YOU ARE THE ONLY YOU IN THE WORLD AND YOU CAN DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY.

Yeah, trust me, I know it’s not always easy going through the day having people tell you what you are doing is wrong, but in the long run it’ll pay off if you stick to you and don’t let other people tell you how to live your life.

In the world today it’s easy to fall under the influence of others and lose track of who you are as a person. Society has an infinite number of opinions on basically any action that you carry out, and the presence of negative opinions often seems to outweigh the positive ones. There are so many people out there that think they have the authority to tell you how to live your life, and in reality, they have absolutely no jurisdiction to be able to tell you what to do and how to do it.

One of the biggest things that you need to do in order to not fall in to the trap of letting others have a big influence on you is finding a reason to wake up every morning, finding something that you cannot go a day without thinking about.

I lost my father to cancer at a very young age and while to many it’s a very tragic and sad situation, I turned it into a positive thing. Every morning I wake up and am motivated to do well in school and build strong relationships because of my father. I feel like I owe it to him to be successful and whenever times are tough, I think of him and that instantly motivates me to keep pushing through and live to fight another day.

Your reason does not have to be something like this. It can literally be anything you care about and anything that makes you motivated. By having a reason to get up and put work in, it will ensure that you stay on track and live your life how you want to. If you care enough about something, you can train yourself to put all the negative reactions from others aside and focus on you for once!!

Growing up playing hockey, football, and baseball helped to show me how important it is to have a purpose in life and to find out what that purpose is.

Reach deep down and find that little kid in you that once understood how to develop a dream or goal and run with it for the rest of your life.

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