What's Your Motivator?

Growing up I always dealt with difficulty when it came to discovering a talent I had and motivating myself to completely expand the talent I was gifted with. Motivation is the fuel everyone needs to maximize their potential as well as seeing the true value of never giving up or never turning your back on yourself.

Without this motivation, many talented beings sell themselves short and/or become complacent because they are less concerned with achieving their goals. Therefore you may realize people alter their lifestyles because they feel like some of their initial life goals weren’t achievable.

As a society without motivation we're always going to take the easy road, and if you’re in Indianapolis and have witnessed the MEGA-Pot Holes you’ll understand that its harder to live going down the easy road path.

Playing sports my whole life made it easier for me to develop motivation, because of competition, my desire to win, as well as holding myself accountable to all the teammates I’ve had. Being a leader was always the role I wanted and having that role requires you to motivate others as well.

Gray walked-on at Indiana State, and earned a full scholarship after stepping into the starting role at free safety. There was a short write-up on gosycamores.com about Gray being ready for his moment.

After my final season of football, that motivator I’ve carried with me my entire life vanished severely. My sole focus was on graduating, and completing that goal by doing the absolute least possible from that point. Most of the people just getting by with no aspirations of becoming more are just drifting.

Drifting can prevent individuals from reaching their full potential or limit their opportunity to go out of their own way in order to grow. Many terrible aspects such as regret, as well as, laziness are developed here.

I’ve watched several videos of celebrities and public figures explaining how their motivation helped them reach the success levels they achieved. One that really stood out to me is hearing from LeBron James, and how he had to become the man of the house at such a young age.

For being such an iconic figure it’s intriguing to hear that most of LeBron’s motivation came from not having a father figure in his life. His goal was to make sure his family and children didn’t have to grow up living the life he did and LeBron has done everything in his power to make sure they could live their best life!

With that being said, I encourage everyone to consistently stay heavily motivated and continue to search for the things that will motivate you to become the biggest and best version of yourself!



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