Transparency Wins

What the heck am I supposed to write in my first ever blog post? Like I love food? And I think hiking through mountains is pretty dope. Cool bruh. HA. Okay, fine. Here we go.

First and foremost, I want to give a shout out to Mr. Levingston himself. I stand behind the humans who choose to follow their dreams. I stand behind those who want to expand their knowledge and forever evolve themselves. Sampson, I hope you never settle and always choose to chase that which sets your soul on fire. Thank you for letting me be apart of your movement.

Okay, I promise I’ll start now! Here we go (again).

“Be as open as air. Unrestricted and rid of all insecurities. Transparency wins hearts.”

What happens when you decide to finally open up – to let others in? What happens when you bring a bright light on your soul’s hidden corners in order to find that magical peace? What happens when you give a voice to the fears + dreams? What happens when you remove just one layer from that hindering wall you’ve built so damn high?

Maybe, people will form judgments.

Sometimes, they’ll think “woah, she’s getting too deep” and try to change the subject. Often times, they’ll struggle to understand (at least, immediately).

That’s OKAY – not everyone is meant to hear your story.

What if, though, you find someone with an open mind (and heart)? What if you find a glimpse of hope, a release for everything that you have held onto for far too long?

Believe me, there’s a very real chance. I have found my sisters with hearts wide open, ready for me to pour it all out. I have faith that you will come across those people too.

Like many, I fear judgement of others + I know that’s what's holding me back. The possibility of people thinking I am going “nowhere in life” terrifies me. I refuse to be confined to those small minded humans. Those tiny walls that mean absolutely nothing.

I am more. You are more.

I own my story – That is powerful (easier said than done Andrea). Okay, I get it but we all have scars, that’s what makes us human. They aren’t flaws. I thought by keeping them to myself I was doing something right but why hide them if they are what made me who I am this present day? I may be the only Andrea Clare Frankiewicz in this world, but I am sure not the only one that has struggles. It’s only by being uncomfortable + sharing our story that we’re able to connect with the many other beautifully scarred human beings in this world. Remember we all have kinks in our armor! You can’t go through life alone. Let others in. You can decide whether or not the individual is deserving of hearing it (in it’s entirety). But having people to do life with is so freeing!

Yet, it still goes way beyond this.

More than anything, my hope is that someone will hear my story and know they are not alone. They’ll understand that what they’re going through doesn’t define them. They’ll finally realize that our scars are not flaws. They'll see the light and embrace their real. They’ll realize that vulnerability is beautiful (who else recites beautiful in your head while typing it how Jim Carey says it in Bruce Almighty, ha).

I want to be completely open with you all. I am trying to shine a light on every part of my rad little soul. I hope to be connected with some of the most amazing human beings because of this – transparency wins hearts.

Here’s a tidbit into the messy home of Andrea:

I’m 25 and broke. My life is nothing how I imagined it to be. I recently moved back home to St. Louis from Denver, Colorado. I miss Colorado so unbelievably much (I’ll write another blog all about my time in CO because it's definitely blog worthy). I am living back home with my parents and the feeling of having my independence taken away from me is an understatement. I don’t have a full- time job and the struggle is real.

What has my life come to? How did I get to this point? And where do I go from here? I don’t know what exactly each day will bring or what I’m even searching for. What does the next five or even ten years look like, no idea? I’m a hell of a fighter and somewhere along my journey, I’ll find it. I’ll find peace within myself (mind, body + soul).

I’ll find a space for myself that is nurturing for growth and radiate loving energy. The way you pictured your life is rarely ever the way it turns out. I am here now and every day my intention is to be better, to live better.

What’s something that the world doesn’t know about YOU?

XO, Andie

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