Award Season

Celebrations are off to a great start in 2018 with multiple music artists winning Grammy Awards. The Eagles are coming off of a Super Bowl victory and many actors will be taking home awards from the Oscars next month in the beginning of March. Other ceremonies like the MTV Awards and BET Awards will be taking place later in the year.

With Hip-Hop FINALLY surpassing Rock as the #1 music genre in the world, it seems like artists are on every advertisement or headline. For the first six months of 2017, Hip-Hop was responsible for 25.1% of all music consumption in the country, while Rock claimed 23% (

Streaming numbers are increasing and online content is getting more attention. With the numbers being higher than they've ever been, I began to wonder why Hip-Hop does not have a dominant Award Ceremony, especially when it comes to ratings. Yes, I do recognize that Hip-Hop is a single genre so it might not gain as many viewers as a ceremony that hosts all genres like the Grammy’s.

In 2000, the legendary Source Music Awards grabbed 5.3 million viewers. With BET being the only network to air a ceremony specifically for Hip-Hop since 2006, the number of ratings in 2017 added up to only 1.49 million but most other awards shows also took a decrease in that year.

The reason for the decrease in numbers may be the digital streaming services we have now and times are different these days... However, it does not help when the hottest artists and entertainers do not show up to the event either.

The Source Magazine had the biggest Hip-Hop ceremony to air on TV and all of the hottest artists in Hip-Hop/R&B attended. Artists took pride in being at the awards show. When speaking in an interview, Nas said, “The Source Awards was like our Grammy’s”. He also said, “If you didn’t make your name that night, you was a nobody.”

I grew up watching BET and the award shows and I still tune in to watch, but I still believe that we are in need of a fresh start to celebrate THE CULTURE every year. If you have any feedback, mention me on twitter. My handle is below this article.

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