Too Comfortable

A zone is a limit. Why limit yourself with a comfort zone?

Consider someone who goes to the gym twice a week and squats 90 lbs. every time. Their muscles would be comfortable, but they would see no gains. The same principle applies to all areas of life. Working the same uninspiring job, dribbling a basketball with only your dominant hand, and maintaining the same friend group you have always had are comfortable.

Does your comfort zone limit your professional success, basketball ability, or prevent you from making new friends who would add value to your life?

Not trying is comfortable. Getting straight C’s after skipping classes to watch Netflix is comfortable. You can look at your lackluster grades and tell yourself that since you didn’t really go for it, the grades don’t mean anything. Not telling someone how you feel about them is comfortable. You can tell yourself that the relationship didn’t work because you never tried.

Getting a job as a nurse instead of pursuing a passion for singing is comfortable. Someday you can sing to your grandchildren and tell them that you could have been a rock star. Nobody can ever prove you wrong, because you never tried. Trying with the knowledge that failure is a potential outcome is uncomfortable; it is also the only path that catalyzes learning, great relationships, and rock stardom.

Pillows are comfortable. Pillows are conformists; the feathers of a pillow yield equally to the head of Mother Teresa and the head of Adolf Hitler. Conforming is comfortable. Conformists follow the status quo. Like a pillow, the status quo is comfortable but can also suffocate you.

Are you going to let your family, friends or society tell you what to do with your life? Are you going to let them prevent you from unleashing the greatness within you? The status quo is a deceivingly small enemy. No guns, bombs, or even laws fight on behalf of the status quo. Its only weapon is discomfort.

Here is an article published in 1955 by Housekeeping Monthly:

Thank God someone changed the status quo since 1955!

Has greatness ever come out of doing something comfortable? Was Rosa Parks comfortable when she refused to give up her seat for a white man? Was Simone Biles comfortable the first time she did a double back layout? Were the Wright brothers comfortable in a homemade wooden contraption soaring through the air? Was Megyn Kelly comfortable when she quit her lucrative job as a lawyer to pursue broadcasting?

Civil rights, Olympic championships, innovation, and personal fulfillment are the products of doing uncomfortable things.

Get Uncomfortable.


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