All Shade No Gain

This past week, I read an article called “Starving Crab Effect” and it was discussing the topics of how the gender pay gap is a result of sexism in the workplace. I also saw a video of Tupac Shakur speaking about women in the same week. Both the article and video made me want to give a male’s perspective on the gender pay gap and how it can also effect relationships.

In America, citizens are classified into the lower, middle, and upper classes based on their income. EVERYTHING we do or touch has its price and apparently, America has placed a price on women in the workforce because they only earn 79 cents to every dollar men earn (USA Today). To me, this sends the message that women are not worth as much as men in the work force.

I am not saying women should be paid more than men, but they should be paid equal, especially considering that they are the primary caregivers from children. According to the United States Census Bureau, 1 out of 4 children under the age of 18 are raised without a father. This adds up to 17.2 million kids. How can you pay women less when 83% of single parents are single mothers? The responsibility of taking care of children with no help is definitely a challenge for any single parent.

Even in two parent households, this whole money business can play a role into the relationships between men and women. Many people today believe that men should be the “bread winner” of the relationship and house. When the tables are turned, it becomes some kind of stigma.

In an episode of my favorite sitcom “Martin”, the radio host Martin Payne found out that his wife Gina was making more money than him working at her office job. It created a big controversy around town and it pumped his head up to act as if he was somewhat rich. When watching the episode, you can see how ignorant and funny the whole situation was.

In another episode, Martin lost his job at the radio station and Gina was there to provide financial and emotional support until Martin was able to get back on his feet. The money never mattered in their situation because Gina never let the money effect the relationship.

Without woman, there is no man and if you disagree or want to discuss that statement then my twitter is open for discussion. My handle is linked to all of my articles. However, as for the Ladies, they owe y’all some coins!

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