The Memory Bandit is Back!

The memory bandit has struck again! Whoever it is, they are absolutely relentless! The bandit can strike at any time, but this serial criminal has been spending most of their nights casing the White House and anyone who wants to go inside. Here's some of the bandit's most prominent victims:

1.) Bandit robbed Hillary blind in 2016, she couldn't remember anything about her emails, nothing! Files > Memories > Emails > DELETE ALL MEMORIES > Are you sure? > YES.

Washington Post - In the three hours-plus that Hillary Clinton spoke with FBI investigators about her private email server on July 2, she cited more than three-dozen things that she could not recall.

2.) Michael Flynn (former National Security Advisor) became a victim when he forgot about some meetings he had with the Russians. In recent months, the bandit returned Flynn's memory and he admitted to lying to the FBI.

Fox News - Court documents show Flynn has acknowledged to investigators that at least two Trump transition members were involved in his outreach to Russian officials – though he initially gave false statements about those discussions.

3.) Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, was an easy target, "fresh meat" as they say. Kush got his memory snatched in November of last year when he said he "didn't recall" having any contact with WikiLeaks.

Washington (CNN) - But Kushner did receive and forward an email from Donald Trump Jr. about contact Trump Jr. had with WikiLeaks, according to a new report this week and a letter from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

4.) Jeff Sessions doesn't remember anything, literally, everything from the beginning of Trump's campaign is a wash, memory bandit cleaned house.

New York Times - Sessions explanation for his poor memory was that he couldn’t be expected to remember every detail from 2016, since the campaign “was a form of chaos every day, from Day 1"

5.) Trump and the shithole gang just got their memories YANKED the other day. The bandit actually spends a lot of time stealing memories from Trump, but I didn't know about the rest of the shithole gang. Apparently Donald called some African nations "shithole" countries, but the Republicans that were in the room "don't recall" what was said.

Business Insider - In a joint statement, Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia said they did not recall Trump's remarks.

Of course Trump denied saying it, we can't really take anything Trump says seriously, but I find amusement in the foolishness, so it doesn't really bother me as much as I guess it should.

Try to tell the truth when people ask you questions, or you can just blame the memory bandit. Whatever you think would be best.

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