The Best Donald Trump Tweets (TV)

Donald Trump is an interesting character. Everything that he does works, well at least it works for him. Trump can do and say whatever he wants and nothing happens, that bothers a LOT of people, even me sometimes, but I've grown to really appreciate Trump's wild tweets.

Trump speaks so candidly on Twitter that he lets the world see how he thinks, right or wrong, we get to see the wild mind of President Trump. A lot of us NEVER share what we think about certain things, Trump does, I don't agree with some of what he says, but I realize that there are PLENTY of people that do.

Regardless, here are some of my favorite tweets from President Trump as we approach the 1-year mark of his Presidency.

1.) As a reminder, Trump is "like really smart", and as you go through these two tweets... NO LIES FOUND!

2.) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA gotta love this one, "RKO outta no where!" Trump tweeted this while I was in Greece, I was showing my international friends like "bro look how wild our President is"

3.) I feel you here Don, I try so hard to be friends with everyone too, even if they are "short and fat".

4.) No comment lol

5.) SUPER WILD REPLY LOL considering the article that the tweet is in response to

6.) Is Hillary the WORST loser ever? Big Trump sure thinks so lmao

7.) You must be NASTY to Trump hahah idk why, but this one stuck with me

8.) The FAKE NEWS TROPHY! I spoke with Donald and he assured me that THROUGH2EYES is in the running for the REAL NEWS TROPHY!

According to Trump (who knows what that means), THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR will be handed out tomorrow, January 8th at 5:00 PM, get ya popcorn ready!

9.) This was an EYE-OPENING tweet from the President. Everyone seemed upset that Trump said he would move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. Many had said it, he actually went through with it.

10.) If you didn't know we have beef with North Korea... Trump wants you to know... we have BIG BEEF with North Korea lol

11.) BAD (or sick) guy! None of these accusations ended up being true by the way.

12.) LOVELY reminder from our President, that peaceful protests (except when done by black people) are a "hallmark of our democracy"!

THROUGH2EYES truly is a platform where ANY view can be shared, and where the rights of the people to express their views is recognized. I clearly don't agree with all of Donald's views, but what I appreciate is that he's not afraid to share them. Please Share Yours. 🙏

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