International Transitions

******LINK TO GAME TODAY - 2:00 PM ET - APRIL 8TH, 2018******

AZEPEITIA, SPAIN - For those reading this article I would like to say, thank you for taking the time to glance at my latest update about my life. At the start of September I moved from Indianapolis, Indiana to Kaposvár, Hungary to pursue my professional basketball career.

Well here I am now, 4 months later, writing to you. I am happy to say that I have now moved to Azepeitia, Spain to join Iragui Saski Baloi Tadlea. I want to thank the Kapsovár organization for granting me the opportunity to play, live, and travel internationally. I will be forever grateful.

This one is for all those facing a tough decision. Those people who aren't afraid to take risks and most importantly; those willing to make a sacrifice. One Love.

I want to thank 2 for granting me the opportunity to reach out to the people. Through2Eyes is something special and I can't wait to see how blows up. 2EYES merch on the way!!

Dopest song of 2017:

Laila's Wisdom - Rapsody


-Montgomery Evans


Mo's first game with his new team will be aired Sunday @ 6AM ET and can be viewed here.

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