Create Your Own Sound: 5 Things I Learned at Gregory's

The experiences that we have in life shape who we are. Gregory Baranovsky has traveled to dozens of countries sharing his passion for music with the world. Shows in Moscow in 1983 and 1984 are some of his most memorable performances.

Heavily influenced by Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington, Gregory's appreciation for Russian Classical music mixed with American Jazz gives him a distinct sound. Gregory believes the Madame CJ Walker Theatre is the "most impressive place to play in Indianapolis."

Just by listening (and eating) I was able to take in much more than I ever could have imagined:

1.) Russian/Eastern European food is really good, I just struggle trying to pronounce what I want!

2.) Russian Vodka is very strong. I promise you it's just as strong on a Wednesday as it is on a Saturday.

3.) The United States gives you the ultimate freedom to be yourself. Take advantage of it. BE YOURSELF. BE YOURSELF. BE YOURSELF. Listen to Gregory talk about it!

4.) Family is everything. Gregory has witnessed some of the most popular musicians spiral into depression due to a disconnect with their family. Families must constantly work to understand and enrich one another, because sometimes the outside world won't be willing to.

5.) Gregory is actually from Minsk, Belarus. Belarus was still a part of the Soviet Union in 1989, when he and his wife, Deanna, came to the United States. Gregory told me he "came to this country with zero money."

FUN FACT: 25% of my ethnic makeup is European, with 18% of that being from Eastern Europe. I don't quite know where that comes from yet (I have some ideas), so me and my homie Gregory just might be long lost cousins.

America is far from perfect, but take advantage of the opportunities you have to LISTEN to others and begin to create your own sound.

Gregory's Russian Restaurant is located near Castleton Square Mall, at 6066 E. 82nd St. I suggest calling ahead before you go.

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