Behind the Scenes: ESPN

First, I’d like to start by saying that I am honored to call Sampson a brother and we have been in the works for awhile and this is the start of the takeover.

Now, is a place where we share things and today I’d like to share what it’s like working at the biggest sports media company in the entire world, ESPN.

The initial reaction from people when I tell them I work at ESPN is "wow you must have the coolest job ever!" Then it’s followed by the question "when are you going to be on SportsCenter?"

Well, I’m not on SportsCenter, but I make the highlights that you watch on the show, which is not the easiest of tasks, but it is crazy to see what you did on a screen that is watched by millions.

I watch a game, create a sheet using my own words to describe what’s happening, edit the clips I want to use for my 1-2 minute highlight and then it gets sent off for the anchors to read and there’s usually three or four shows we cut for.

A usual day for me starts at 5pm with two meetings for the content we will run on the shows, followed by whatever game I am cutting the highlight for and I’ll leave work around 2am. My schedule is opposite of every other person that has a “regular job”, I work nights and weekends and I live in a completely new environment that is nothing like Indiana. I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but it’s a dream come true to be here and it is another page in the book of this crazy sports career path that I am on. I’ve started to use social media more to show people what it’s like here, so if that is something that interests you follow @tommybarrett24. A lot of the highlights that I have cut can be seen on and when it comes to NBA, I usually cut the Pacers highlights because I’m the only fan at ESPN. Highlights I’ve done for

Tommy Barrett

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