Josh Gordon Feeds The Good Wolf

Over the past week, Sports Illustrated published an article about the newly re-instated Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Josh Gordon. The article gained a lot of traction after Gordon stated that he would make up to $10,000 a month selling marijuana while at Baylor!!

Gordon's trials and tribulations have lead him to many successes that were often accompanied by many failures. Once reaching the NFL, Gordon's dominance was evident as he lead the league in receiving in 2013 despite only playing in 14 of the 16 regular season games.

Gordon has been suspended 5 times for various substance abuse violations, and hasn't played in an NFL game since 2014. As I read through the fore-mentioned article, there was something that stood out to me and made me ask the same question of myself: 

[Gordon] had an “epiphany” this summer, on one of those nights when he was wandering the streets of Gainesville looking for drugs. “If I was willing to go to any length to [get a fix],” Gordon remembers asking himself, “then at what point am I going to go to any length to get something positive for me?”

If we as individuals are willing to go to such great lengths for the things we know that harm us, why can't we apply that same energy to the things that we know will help us grow? I apply this ideology directly to an old Cherokee proverb that I enjoy.

 After years of constantly feeding his bad wolf, Gordon's epiphany showed how hungry his good wolf had became over the years. I'm excited to see Gordon take the field this Sunday, I'm excited that Gordon has overcome so much after many had given up on him.

Feed The Good Wolf.

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