Run Roy Moore Run!

Roy Moore, Alabama Sentaor

Roy Moore is a SUPER DUPER SICKO, but that's not for me to decide and determine. Roy Moore won't be representing me, or any of the people here in Indiana, however, he will be a representative of all of those that call Alabama home.

For those that don't know, Roy Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct with more than two dozen women over his career as a public official. The majority of the cases/allegations are centered around Moore's infatuation with under-aged girls. The Washington Post was the first to break the story,  with other news outlets and publications quickly following suit and keeping a close-eye on the Alabama senate race and the candidate who would represent the Republican party. Moore was banned from his local shopping mall, a report Moore's campaign team has denied. In fact, Moore has denied every allegation that has been made against him to this point.

With the special senate election quickly approaching (December 12th), multiple polls show that Moore and the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, are dead-locked in what appears to be a race that will go down to the wire. President Trump hasn't officially endorsed Roy Moore, however, he has made it clear that he would not want to see Moore's opponent come out victorious.

 Although the addition of the another Republican senator would help support Trump and his Republican agenda, a line has to be drawn at some point. I'm interested to see what the state of Alabama does here, interested to see if voter turn-out is higher or lower considering the circumstances. In a state where Trump felt comfortable ranting about the NFL players and their "disrespect" towards their country.... I'd love who they want their children to look up to.


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