Aqib Talib Snatches Chains and Nobody Cares!

Aqib Talib, known NFL bully/chain snatcher, has struck again! Victim: Michael Crabtree! (Same guy who Richard Sherman said was a "SORRY RECEIVER"). Not only does Talib snatch chains... but this is actually an activity that he enjoys doing. After stealing Crabtree's chain last year, Crabtree attempted to take extra precaution ahead of last week's match-up against the Denver Broncos.

Plan didn't work! Once the dust cleared from the brawl that happened on the field Sunday, one thing was missing from the neck of Michael Crabtree.. his chain! And guess who stole it, TALIB!

Have to wonder why Crabtree even wore it out there to begin with, but also have to wonder how is this an allowed and accepted practice? This man Talib just rips chains off of necks and then comes to the sidelines to tell his teammates and coaches about it.


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