The Ungrateful Fool!

Lavar Ball, CEO of the Big Baller Brand, has recently been in a "war of words" per se with the President Donald Trump. Ball's comments landed him an interview on CNN which can be seen here. For those like me, that were excited that Donald Trump and Lavar Ball had finally crossed paths , this was an interview that simply could not be missed.

LiAngelo Ball and two other UCLA basketball players were caught shoplifting while the the team was in China for a basketball game. Lavar was also in China at the time to watch his son play and promote Big Baller Brand. Who else was also in China at the time? President Trump, who was on a five-country Asian Tour meeting with the leaders of their respective nations.

The boys were held in China, then subsequently released days later, after many believed that they were facing "5-10 years" in prison for the crimes that they had committed. Now here's the dilemma, who is responsible for getting the boys home? Trump claims he is, and wants the players and their families to be grateful for what he did. (For the record, LiAngelo and the two other players thanked Trump during a press conference upon the players' return to Los Angeles).

Lavar never seemed worried about the boys' arrest, and declared that he spoke directly with individuals in China that were working on getting the players back to the United States. After Lavar was reluctant to say "Thank You" to President Trump, many, including myself, were confused as to why Lavar would not simply thank The Donald. Causing Trump to spew off a couple of tweets..

^^^^ these two were before the Lavar/CNN interview and these two below followed the interview a day later..

Now, here is where common sense comes in to play, as well as the President's credibility. If I were ever to approach you, call you, tweet at you, text you, whatever, and say "SAY THANK YOU TO ME!?" what would your initial response be? You would probably ask, "Why?", and then if I gave you a good reason, you would most likely say thank you and then we could move on. That is all Lavar is asking for, an explanation as to why he should be so thankful. What if the boys were going to make it back home quickly without the help of President Trump? And now Trump wants to take credit for their release.

Lavar did say that he has thanked men face-to-face who were involved in the process of getting LiAngelo home, and Donald Trump was not one of them. The President's credibility is often questionable, and I believe it's fair to ask for an explanation as to what exactly Donald Trump did to ensure that the UCLA basketball players would return home.

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