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Through 2 Eyes

I once told an employer during a job interview that I had a goal to meet everyone in the world. As impossible as it seems, wouldn't it be amazing? To have the opportunity to interact with and hear views and perspective from so many different people.

This website/blog is a place for views and perspective to be shared, an opportunity to see how my view of the world is constantly changing and what influences that change. This is a place for the views of others to be expressed as well, as I hope that our number of guest writers will continue to grow. My hope is that people can learn how to listen to one another express their thoughts and beliefs freely without feeling like they're in an intense debate.

Enjoy the articles, interact and present feedback as much as possible, gather more information (from as many sources as you can), and allow a new lens of perspective to be placed into your frames.

Open both eyes, look at the world and your surroundings from the outside in, as well as the inside out. These are my ever-changing views.... Through 2 Eyes.

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